Access, Infrastructure, and Utilities

The city’s  infrastructure, facilities and services are poised for development expansion. The Iloilo International Airport is the 4th busiest in the country catering to five weekly international direct flights to and from Hong Kong and Singapore, and 58 domestic flights. Iloilo projects further additions of international flights from other points in East Asia.


Iloilo has modern seaports that serve as main trans-shipment hubs connecting Manila and Mindanao.  The extensive road network and bridges between the city and the rest of Panay Island are being upgraded to ease traffic and facilitate commute and land travels (e.g. the 14 km. circumferential road and the widening of the Iloilo Diversion Road).


Utilities are readily available.  The Panay Energy Development Corporation operates a 164-megawatt power plant and has definite plans for expansion including a two-unit 135-megawatt coal-fired power plant. Potable water is provided by Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) and additional supply will come upon the completion of the Jalaur River Dam Project. Communications facilities are provided by major telecommunication companies such as Sun Cellular, Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, Bayan Telecommunications, and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company that offers complete and reliable telecommunications services and internet connectivity. 


Doing Business
in Iloilo City