Investment Incentives

A. Fiscal Incentives


Tax Holidays

P 5 Million- P 19,999,999.00

P 20 Million – 39,999,999.00

P 40 Million but less than 60 Miilion

P 60 Million and above

One (1) Year

Two (2) Years

Three (3) Years

Four(4) Years






B. reduction of Business Tax

A. New Enterprises and Expanded Enterprises

Year of Operation

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year


%  Reduction






C. Non-Fiscal Incentives

A registered enterprises shall be entitled to the following non-fiscal incentives

Which include but not limited:

  1. Assistance in securing additional business permits and other related data
  2. Facilitating access to financial and technical assistance programs of the government
  3. Facilitating service connections with local utilities and other service  as maybe

recommended by the Executive Committee.

Source: Regulation Ordinance No.2009-256, June 17,2009

Doing Business
in Iloilo City