Brief Project Description:

The College of Management of the University of the Philippines-Visayas(UPV) invites interested private investors and enterprise developers to partner with the university in developing a Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED).


Proponent: University of the Philippines - Visayas

Proposed Site: University of the Philippines - Visayas, Iloilo City


Scale and Content:

The Center for Entrepreneurial Development will be a coupling support facility that will educate, train,incubate and accelerate start-up enterprises to become commercially viable. The center will provide a mix of theory-based and hands-on training to participant-entrepreneurs with participation and inputs from industry partners.


The CED will be an Entrepreneurial laboratory which will approach enterprise development using the value chain of business functions and provide assistance and decision support in terms of research and development,product design,product manufacturing,marketing,distribution and after-sales servicing. It will be an entrepreneurial training set-up with three self-contained modules: Idea Inception (II) Module, Business Incubation (BI) Module, and Enterprise Acceleration (EA) Module. Each module will be a “stand alone” unit such that an entrepreneur can gain entry in any set where the stage of his business idea or enterprise needs assistance and mentoring.


The Idea Inception Module


The Idea Inception Module will be a training package for the would-be entrepreneur who has a product idea but which has not yet been fully developed and concretized. This module will refine the product idea and convert it into a business idea, prepare it for market testing and measure its market depth and breadth. The module will cover the preparation of a thorough market survey to determine the robustness of the prospective. A complete feasibility study will be the final output in this module.



The Business Incubation Module


The Business Incubation Module will be a total incubation package for a concrete business idea whose market base has been identified and established. This module will help the entrepreneur start his business-from the preparation of the business plan to placing the products in the center showroom for its initial introduction to the market. The center will assist the entrepreneur in looking for financing windows,establishing tie-ups with market networks,and maintaining operational efficiency. It is also in this stage where assistance for business licensing and other permits will be facilitated by the center.


The Enterprise Acceleration Module


The Enterprise Acceleration Module will include training and assistance package that will put the business in the industry mainstream.This will require industry partnership and mentoring that will enable the business to graduate from the center. The center will facilitate the support coming from the Iloilo City Trade and Investment Promotions Board in business promotion through trade fairs and exhibits.


Preferred modality: Open Investment


Present Condition:

Iloilo City is currently booming and is exhibiting economic growth and development never seen before. The College of Management recognizes the need for Iloilo entrepreneurs to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. UPV is in a position to help entrepreneurs because it is a premier institution in business education. UPV’s College of Management has personnel with talent,knowledge and capability to provide technical assistance and support to entrepreneurs and enterprises.
















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