Brief Project Description:

The Iloilo City Government invites interested parties for a joint venture for the redevelopment of Fort San Pedro. It aims to convert the area into a mixed-use complex that will cater the people of Iloilo as well as tourists.


Proponent: Iloilo City Government

Proposed Site: Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City


Scale and Content:

Iloilo City is the home of rich culture and heritage. Fort San Pedro is a place where history unfolded. It is part of the glorious past when it was originally built as a fortress to protect the island from Dutch and Moro marauders. The structure was initially made of wood and stone which survived during the Spanish time but World War II severely damaged it. Through years of neglect, it finally lost its magnificence. The restoration of Fort San Pedro will bring back its past glory and will serve as one of the city’s key urban structure. The redevelopment of Fort San Pedro into parks and open spaces will provide the people of Iloilo City as well as tourists an alternative venue for recreation and leisure.


Preferred modality: Public-Private-Partnership


Present Condition:

Iloilo City is now experiencing an economic boom. With new infrastructure development, the city proper will be congested with high-rising structure and the need for parks and open spaces becomes a necessity to balance the fast-paced urban living. The re-development of Fort San Pedro will provide an option for tourists and residents alike to enjoy the calmness of the scenic view of the Iloilo Strait.


                                                                      Fort San Pedro PerspectiveFREEDOM GRANDSTAND PERSPECTIVE

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