Rivercraft Paviillon



Brief Project Description:

The Iloilo City Government invites interested parties to partner with the City for the construction and management of the Iloilo Rivercraft Pavilion through a joint venture agreement.

Proponent: Iloilo City Government

Proposed Site: Old Slaughterhouse, Molo, Iloilo City


Scale and Content:

One of the development priority areas of Iloilo City is the rehabilitation and revitalization of the city’s neglected urban areas. One of these is the Old Slaughterhouse located in Molo District. It is situated at the entry point of Iloilo River Esplanade 2. The proposed project will convert the Slaughterhouse into an environment-friendly and climate resilient facility that will host tourism activities. The revitalized Iloilo River will serve as a link to the Iloilo Economic Triangle, the new business center of the city. Bordering this planned development is the 2.9 kilometer Iloilo River Esplanade, the longest linear park and becoming a popular venue for recreation, physical fitness and tourism. The Rivercraft Pavilion is also intended as a transport facility for tourism and environmental education.


Preferred modality: Public-Private-Partnership


Present Condition:

The development of Iloilo City anchors on Iloilo River. It was in 1855 that the Iloilo International Port was opened to world trade. Sugar industry was then thriving making it the major export of the city. It serves as a gateway to the city and source of livelihood of the community. Over time, the river was constantly subject to abuse until it is no longer conducive for living.

  The conversion of the old slaughterhouse will give more life to the newly revived Iloilo River. The construction of a commercial complex will create more jobs and economic activity in the area. The river cruises will be an added attraction to the Iloilo River which is also the site of the annual Dragon Boat Race.



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