Brief Project Description:

The University of San Agustin invites interested parties to invest in the construction and operation of an international hotel in Iloilo City.


Proponent: University of San Agustin

Proposed Site: University of San Agustin, Iloilo City


Scale and Content:

The proposed hotel will be located in a 3,000 square meter lot along Jalandoni Street. The location is at the heart of the City --- making it ideal place for business and pleasure. It will be a place where Ilonggo and Augustinian hospitality come together to provide guests, particularly foreign students and their families, with a feeling of being at home. Different amenities will be available such as dining, sports, recreation, wellness, shopping, and others.


Preferred modality: Open Investment


Present Condition:

The City plays an important role into the tourism industry of the entire Iloilo province. The province is regarded as an all-inclusive package destination with its mountains and beach resorts, religious and natural attractions, eco-tourism and adventure, cultural heritage and festivals. It is located at the center of the Philippines and is the gateway to other major tourist destinations in Western Visayas, like Boracay and Guimaras Islands .It is also host to Dinagyang Festival, Paraw Regatta, and Feast of Candelaria that attract local and foreign tourists.


The Philippines ranked 4th in THE UN World Tourism Organization 2013 Tourism Barometer making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country experienced an increase of 19. 6% in the international tourist receipts in 2013.


Cognizant of the strategic role of the business sector in improving the life of the Ilonggo Community, the Iloilo City Government is opening its doors to investors, both local and international.


Available support mechanisms are as follows:


.Tax incentives and other non-fiscal support to new investors;

.Young and educated pool of human resources with literacy rate of 92.8%; and

.Fast and easy processing of business permits.



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