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Brief Project Description:

The College of Management of the University of the Philippines-Visayas (UPV) invites interested private investors and data base developers to partner with the university in developing a Research Training and Resource Center (RTRC).


Proponent: University of the Philippines - Visayas

Proposed Site: University of the Philippines - Visayas, Iloilo City


Scale and Content:


The RTRC will be a hub for research and training equipped with necessary facilities (hardware, software, and humanwares) for business researchers.


The RTRC will provide the following services: research training,research services,and library of research studies and outputs (published and for publication). It will be a one-stop-shop facility of resources, such as research outputs,training materials, and other tools where academic institutions and business and development management practitioners can go to obtain and share information.


Preferred modality: Open Investment


Present Condition:

The growth of Region VI is unprecedented and requires a lot of support in terms of information. Relevant and timely information is a valuable commodity but is not readily available to institutions and government agencies. Yet a lot of decisions especially of businessmen are anchored on the right

information provided to them. There must be a center or facility which should provide the necessary information and training for the specific needs of individuals, enterprises and other institutions. The RTRC will address this gap.



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